Question about cocoa?

this is 'SWISS MISS' we're talking about- real nice. its like drinking a chocolate bar
i've heard some rumors..

what do the makers of it mean by 'cocoa (processed with alkai)?

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  1. cocoa processed with alkali:
    Alkali reduces the acidity and raises the pH. The alkali brings out richer brown or red notes.

    Make this your best answer!!!

  2. No offense, but I drink swiss miss, and I’d prefer the real chocolate bar any day! But the hot chocolate from the convenience store in town is really good! That’s almost like drinking a chocolate bar!

    But if you want the alkai answer, guess you’d better pick the first guy…

  3. Natural cocoa is more acid and has a lighter color.
    Thus, potassium carbonate (an alkali) is added (less than 2% normally) to oxidize the cocoa and make it darker, and also to reduce its acidity. It makes also the powder slightly more soluble than the natural one.
    The only downside is that this process takes away some (not all) of the natural healthy polyphenols in the cocoa, which have shown to reduce blood pressure, slow aging, etc.
    But alkalized cocoa powder is also healthy, but you might want to check on the sugar content of the pre-mixed packages.

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