What type of cocoa butter is best for stretch marks?

Okay, I've had some replies to my stretch mark question, and most people have recommended cocoa butter. So I went to eBay to do a search for it. However, there are so many different types of cocoa butters with different sources, etc. Does anyone know what I should be looking out for? :S Cheers.

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  1. For best results try to find one that is 100% cocoa butter.Keep in mind that no you’ll NEVER be able to make the stretch marks go away, you can only make them smoother and less noticeable.

  2. Palmers Cocoa Butter for stretch marks, availible at your local drug store would probably be the best. It is made especially for that purpose and I know some friends who have had some great results. I used it for a scar on my leg, and it worked wonders; it also keeps your skin extremely soft.


    ^That is the website, on Drugsstore.com

  3. 100% cocoa butter is the best. Palmer’s has a very good product and you can also use the soap which is very good. If you buy 100% cocoa butter without any added scent it is not very pleasant. Also vitamin E capsules are very good to use on scar tissue, have to prick the capsule and squeeze out the liquid and apply to the area. Good luck and God bless

  4. I have used coca butter in the past during my first pregnancy for stretch marks but it took forever. I recently found out that stretch marks can also result from nutritional deficiency. Be sure to consume foods that promote skin health.

    Zinc-rich foods such as nuts or fish
    Foods high in vitamins A, C, D, such as carrots, citrus fruits and milk.
    Protein-rich foods (such as eggs).

    I used a product called STRIAE Stretch Mark Cream and boy did I see results. You can try the cocoa butter to see if you like it and any brand is fine as long as it is pure but if you ask me Striae really works and it is also good for wrinkles and other skin issues.
    Good Luck!

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