If I add baking cocoa to a recipe do I need to alter the other ingredients?

I want to add baking cocoa to a cookie recipe to make a chocolate version of the cookie.

Do I need to add or subtract any other ingredient in the recipe? Like add more sugar or less flour to make the consistency and taste correct?

5 thoughts on “If I add baking cocoa to a recipe do I need to alter the other ingredients?

  1. I wouldn’t put any less sugar in the recipe as cocoa isn’t sweet and you would still need all the called for amount. (You may want to add an extra tablespoon of sugar though, I think it’s to your taste) Try adding the cocoa and check the consistency of the batter- if it seems too dry then add a little milk, just a tablespoon at a time. You didn’t mention the amount of cocoa you will be putting into the recipe so it’s hard to say how it will affect it. I wouldn’t think it would alter the baking time either. Sometimes I add nuts to a cookie recipe and it turns out fine. I think of a recipe as a starting point and add things to my taste- trial and error! Try making 1/2 recipe of the cookies so if it isn’t right then you haven’t wasted too many ingredients.

  2. You have to substitute some of the flour for the amount of cocoa you want to use.

    eg if you want to use 50g of cocoa and the recipe needs 300g of flour, you then use 250g of flour and 50g of cocoa.

  3. Usually, you only need to add a small anout of cocoa to a recipe to achieve a deep chocolate flavor. So I do not think you would need to alter the recipe. However, if the mixture seems too thick at the end, you could add a small amount of liquid to thin it to the desired consistency.

  4. Probably adding a bit of extra water would be fine so you get the correct consistency. Depending on the amount of cocoa powder you add you may want to add an extra 1/4 cup of sugar.

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