What goes good with hot coco?

Tomorrow in class we are having hot coco and what ever we want to bring (since it is going to be so cold tomorrow). I was wondering what i should bring for my snack…she told us one thing we could bring is a doughnut but i dont know…u tell me. (yes i kno i didnt spell doenut right)

13 thoughts on “What goes good with hot coco?

  1. How about some homemade, yummy, chocolate chunk cookies?

    Don’t forget a warm and cozy blanket to cover with since it is so cold! 🙂

  2. i like cocoa with cookies, a piece of pie, doughnuts, pastries lemon bars, muddy buddies, anything sweet..something u would have like at a coffee shop, maybe banana bread or a muffin?

  3. drop a peice of milk choclate right after you put in the powder
    then top it off with marshmellows and whip cream!! yummm
    its delish!

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