What is the best way to make hot chocolate?

I really like hot chocolate. I know its better to make it with milk instaed of water but i was wondering if its possible to make it better.

3 thoughts on “What is the best way to make hot chocolate?

  1. try using 50% milk and water and use one of those mini cupie whsk thingies makes it more frothy n lighty we also have a frothy machine they are brill beats a tassimo any day

  2. Here’s what I do:
    1) Boil the water
    2) While the water is boiling, pour Half & Half in the cup along with the Hot Chocolate powder, as much cinnamon as you want and a pinch of sugar.
    3) Stir the ingredients in the cup, then add the water.

    0r if in the Holiday season, my favorite thing to do is in step 2, replace the Half & Half with Egg Nog. It’s delicious.

    Hope this helps!

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