Does cocoa butter really work for stretch marks?

I used cocoa butter when i was pregnant but i still ended up with stretch marks, I'm planning to have another baby but i don't want anymore stretch marks than the ones i already have on my belly. What can i use? Is there anything out there that really works?

4 thoughts on “Does cocoa butter really work for stretch marks?

  1. I’ve heard that Strivectin works…but not perfectly. If you are prone to stretchmarks, then they are gonna happen. I think it would take a tummy tuck to totally get rid of them.

    I got them , and vitamin E, and Cocobutter did nothing. Before, during , or after.

    Good luck. Maybe someday they’ll invent something new…but the damage is in the layer of tissue UNDER the skin, so really not easy to repair.

  2. Some what it does, It takes the visibility out of it. The most common thing like you stated is Cocoa butter, but purchase the kind especially for stretch marks. =]

  3. It didnt work for me. I did look into a surgery to remove stretch marks, but it was $300.00 and I don’t know If I want to have anymore kids, so I figured I would wait.

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