Question on raw cocoa powder?

There's many articles saying that using raw cocoa power to make drink is better than eating chocolate(unless the chocolate is made of 75% cocoa or more).And now i'm using Van Houten cocoa power,please let me know about:
1.How much cocoa is need(or good) for health per day??how many gram/spoon should i used(i used raw cocoa powder with sweetened milk)
2.They said that using too much cocoa can't cause problems in calcium absorption,so how much is to much???
3.They say that cocoa contains very much of the anti-aging agent,so comparing between a cup of cocoa and a cup of green-tea( i've heard that green-tea contains the anti-aging guy as well),which contains more of the anti-aging agent???
4.On Van Houten cocoa,can anybody tell me if i'm using the right supplier coz in my place,Van Houten is the best i can got,the rest,in my opinion,are just trash and aren't even worth looking.
5.finally,please tell me what the 2% milk means??
thank you all my friend!

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  1. 1. Cocoa is NOT a heath food. There is no “recommended daily dosage” of cocoa in order to obtain a specific percentage of anti-oxidant effect.

    The reason “raw cocoa” is better than eating chocolate is simply because chocolate contains an extremely high percentage of fat, and depending on the mfgr., it could be trans fats or palm oils, which are very unhealthy. The sweetened milk is likewise unhealthy for you. Look at the label on the back.

    2. Oxalic acid, which is found in cocoa, and many other foods, can combine with calcium to form an insoluble salt. The amount of Oxalates in cocoa work out to about 1/2 of 1% per glass.
    This is considered the same as if you were eating yogurt, cheese, or even unflavored milk. Since everything you eat or drink should be in MODERTATION, the point of “how much,” is moot.

    3.Cocoa, but the amount you would have to consume on a daily, LONG-TERM basis to see any effect would be more than cancelled out from the overload of cocoa on your system. Again, Cocoa is NOT a health supplement. It is just another foodstuff you consume.

    4. At the processed cocoa for purchase level, you are not going to find much more in the way of “health” benefits and information beyond total cocoa percentages.

    The problem is, they don’t mean much past a certain point. It can 100% cocoa, but depending upon where the cocoa beans are grown, how they are dried and processed, and what other beans are mixed with them, they could have a lower antioxidant level than 75% cocoa from a different manufacturer.

    5. 2% milk means milk that has only 2% Butterfat by volume. Skim milk has almost no butterfat, it’s all been “skimmed” off the top. Whole milk has about 4% butterfat. The more butterfat, the “creamier” the flavor and texture of the milk.

    Eat healthy by all means, but don’t obsess over antioxidants. You cannot consume enough of them to make any noticeable difference, it is more of a long-term, over the course of your Life, eating habits that will utilize antioxidants, not just a couple weeks or months.

    You also cannot chart a diet of only foods high in antioxidants. They are deficient in other nutritional needs, and scientific studies have recently proven that antioxidant consumption DOES NOT provide longetivity, or any DOCUMENTABLE health benefits.
    Read the LAST source.

    Stop obsessing over something so esoteric and vague. Eat as fresh of fruits and vegetables as possible. Limit meats to 3 oz. or less, avoid processed foods as much as possible, and eat vegetable oils when possible. And exercise each and every day, preferably in the early morning, when the air is cleaner (In the city, you’re stuck with what you can get…).

    Those will help you live FAR longer than eating 3 pounds of cocoa a week to try to “fake it.”

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