Can i substitute Cocoa powder with chocolate chips?

I have run out of cocoa powder and no shops in my area sell it, i was wondering if i could replace the 3/4 Cup of cocoa powder with 2/4 cups of chocolate chips??

5 thoughts on “Can i substitute Cocoa powder with chocolate chips?

  1. It would be better if you substituter the cocoa powder with plain chocolate, so if the chocolate chips are plain chocolate then thats fine. If not, your local shop should supply plain/dark chocolate. Make sure to melt it, and mix it in with the rest of the ingredients. don’t melt it in the microwave, use a pan of water over the stove, and balance a glass bowl with the chocolate chips or broken up chocolate. keep an eye on it and give it a stir every now and then.

  2. yes.

    You may not get the overall chocolate colour and flaour but you’ll still get chocoalte.
    GO for it. DOn’t follow rules, they’re for sheep.

  3. It really depends. If you want to try it and see, there’s no problem being adventurous. If it’s for brownies or something, though, you may not wish to end up with cake that has chocolate chips in it instead of brownies. The two aren’t technically interchangable is my point, but it depends on your use, maybe you can get away with it and maybe it would even be better! You’re the cook, you make the decision.

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