Is it bad to drink hot coco in the morning?

Every morning I have a mug of hot coco. I have an organic powder coco mix from Whole Foods and I just add it to hot water. I always add milk so I get a little calcium as well. Is this unhealthy to start the day? I usually have it with a piece of wheat toast. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Is it bad to drink hot coco in the morning?

  1. The morning is the best time of the day to drink coco.

    Normally coco contains a lot of calories and that’s the only reason why you shouldn’t drink it to much.

    Because you have a hole day ahead of you, you can burn all that energy.

  2. It’ll wake you up. After all people drink milk when they wake up (well I do O.o). Don’t worry, you’re perfectly safe

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