Can hot chocolate powder be used to make cold chocolate milk?

Instead of adding hot water or hot milk to my hot chocolate powder, can I add cold milk to it instead to get a class of cold chocolate milk? Would it taste okay or would the powder go "lumpy" if you add cold milk?

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  1. Yes you can use it. If it tends to go lumpy (some brands do), then just pour a little hot water on it and dissolve it. then pour the milk / water on… DONE!

  2. you CAN do it, but hot chocolate powder was made to dissolve in HOT liquids. It takes forever to make it in cold liquids. You will be stirring constantly for a long time, because it lumps up – you will have to break up the lumps, etc.

    It will take about 10 – 15 minutes of stirring to get it to the right consistency.

    It is much easier to buy the chocolate liquid or powder that goes with the cold milk.

  3. BEST ANSWER – the best way to accomplish this is to use a little hot milk just for the dissolving process then dilute it with cold milk, and hey why don’t you ‘knock yourself out’ and throw an Ice Cube inside.

    (hot water dissolves much better)

  4. It happens to me all the time, the kind you need to buy is nesquik powder. It is good for hot chocolate of just cold chocolate milk. It doesn’t go lumpy and is soooo good!

  5. Yes you can, but the only problem is it will not all dissolve, so it will be wasted. The best thing to do is make the chocolate with warm 35 to 40c a long way from boiling and place it in the cooler, you can make it all in advance. Or you can use a blending machine with ice cold milk, which is more quick

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