13 thoughts on “Can dogs drink hot coco or eat marshmellows?

  1. There is something in brown chocolate ( I forget what it is called) but it is toxic to dogs. Most dog bones and treats that you see have white chocolate on them..

  2. Cocoa (you forgot the “a” at the end) and hot chocolate are NOT good for dogs and can be deadly. Marshmallows (there is no “e” in marshmallow) are mostly sugar and that isn’t good for dogs, either.

  3. Its not a good idea, cocoa has chocolate in it and chocolate can be toxic to dogs. Marshmallows aren’t good for dogs or for you, for that matter, they are just sugar. So give him a dog treat and YOU have the cocoa, ok?

  4. No Chocolate can kill a dog. But i don’t know about marshmellows i don’t think that it can kill them but i don’t think that its good for them.

  5. Chocolate is toxic to dogs. Marshmallows are bad for their teeth and not good for their health. Dogs are often much smaller than we are and the amount of sugar that we can process is too much for a dog. Dogs can get diabetes from eating too much sugar. Read the link below for common food items that are toxic to dogs.

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