chocolate vs cocoa cake?


My friend and I are going to make a chocolate cake for her little sister, I'm quite used to baking, however, one of the things I have often asked myself is whether chocolate cake is better made mostly of cocoa powder, or chocolate (as in solid).

I have only made one with mostly cocoa, and I think the ones I have made with solid chocolate have tasted more richer and denser, what do you think?

Chocolate vs Cocoa?

One thought on “chocolate vs cocoa cake?

  1. Cocoa powder usually doesn’t have anything added to it, often not even sugar. It is a flavor, but it does not add any sort of texture or creamy-ness. Chocolate has ingredients in it (milk, etc…) that make it melt to a creamy consistency adding richness and moistness. That’s not to say it’s “better” but usually cocoa cakes are less sweet and have different flavors and textures than chocolate. It’s good to use cocoa when you are adding other things that are already sweet so you can add that chocolately flavor without overloading their mouths with sweet. Cocoa also is much lower in calories than chocolate/better for you, so if you’re watching your waist it can be a better choice. But if there are no other extremely sweet ingredients (other than the obvious sugar) and you’re after taste not health, it’s often better to use chocolate over cocoa, especially in a basic chocolate cake.

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