Hot drinks other than tea/coffee/hot coco?

I recently got a mug from a show I went to go see, and I really want to use it, but as I'm Mormon, I don't believe in tea and coffee, and I'm getting tired of hot chocolate.

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  1. Warm up some milk. If not then make a quite strong Blackcurrent drink and heat it up. One of my favourite drinks which also helps a sore throat is honey and lemon. Simply squeeze half a lemon into a mug and stir in a spoonful of honey, then pour hot water in and mix it, – it tastes better than you think it will.

  2. Hot apple cider is good

    Also beef or chicken broth

    Warm pineapple juice with ginger

    Heat tomato juice, add some black pepper and/or garlic powder or hot sauce

    Chamomile tea or other fruit based herbal teas – no caffeine

  3. mmm hot orange juice
    or hot cranberry juice
    apple cider

    or mix tang with a little cinnamon, clove, and sugar……my kids love all

  4. There are herbal teas. Celestial Seasonings makes an herbal tea that tastes almost exactly like real black tea.

    There are also herbal and roasted grain drinks that taste almost exactly like coffee.

  5. Ovaltine (though I only really like it mixed with hot cocoa. It tastes like a Malteser)

    Herbal tea – my favourite is Lemon Zinger. If you’re worried about additives other than caffeine, you can use herbs from a garden like mint or chamomile, or shave some ginger into a pot of water.

    Apple cider – put on a pot over the oven with some cinnamon sticks and cloves, strain and serve.

    Here’s a drink that sounds like it would taste really good. I’m allergic to pineapple thought 🙁

  6. Bovril? Hot Vimto? Cup of soups? They do different flavours of tea too if you like them like raspberry. You could also have hot milk. Hope you find something you like! 🙂 x

  7. So why can’t you get the mug? It’s just a mug. I use mine sometimes to drink water. It’s not like you can’t. If you need other hot drinks, there’s hot milk or hot vanilla, and I love the hot white chocolate mixes. Plenty to try.

  8. Horchata maybe, although never had it hot but it might be good warm
    Pero , it’s a coffee substitute drink
    Herbal teas are good, I love Tazo Passion, it’s all herbal but it’s has a really good floral/fruity flavor to me.

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