Is it safe to microwave water for hot coco?

I usually heat milk in the microwave for hot coco. But I bought a new brand and it says to add hot water and you're done. But i dont have time in the morning to boil water on the stove, so is it safe to microwave water? And how long should i microwave it for? Also, could i use milk like i normally do? The instrutions dont say anything about milk, it just says "add hot water and stir". Anything will help thanks! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Is it safe to microwave water for hot coco?

  1. Yes I always do

    Maybe a minuet then taste it and see of it needs more

    Yeah sometimes I just microwave the water a long time then put the mix in then add milk to cool it

  2. Yes. That is why they invented easy mac!! Haha. No, but it’s totally safe, though I don’t know how long you would put it for? Depends on how hot you want it.

  3. yes, i do this all the time(:
    your cup might be a lil hot but its okay! put it in the microwave for 2:45!

    Give me ten points cause im RIGHT!! Thank you(:

  4. Yes, it’s fine to use the microwave oven to heat the water or milk. They both take the same amount of time in the microwave. Using water is less expensive, but using milk makes the hot cocoa taste richer since you aren’t just relying on the milk powder that’s in the cocoa mix.

    I zap the liquid and then add the cocoa mix to the coffee mug and stir.

  5. It is safe to microwave water lol i know the feeling for a busy morning…Also hot coco with milk always taste better just like cake always taste better when made with milk 🙂

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