Can I have Cocoa butter?

I've given up chocolate for this year (because I was a chocoholic before and seriously needed to cut back so I stopped it straight away *) and yesterday my mum bought a tub of 'Carte D'or Caramel Cinnamon Waffle' ice cream and I looked in the ingredients and it said that it has cocoa butter in it. I'm pretty strict with myself with chocolate so not even chocolate dust on milkshakes or coffee… and I wasn't sure if I'm allowed cocoa butter or not….thanks 🙂

*so many people have told me that I must be crazy to give up chocolate but its really easy to give it up and before I couldn't get through the day without have some chocolate and it really wasn't healthy.

2 thoughts on “Can I have Cocoa butter?

  1. Cocoa butter in icecream? White chocolate is made with cocoa butter (+milk and sugar) but if it doesn’t say white chocolate it should be ok.Pure Cocoa butter doesn’t taste like chocolate (i was in the carribean where they grow cocoa:the fruit smells like chocolate but tastes horrible!!) iguess they just use it to make it somehow creamy and melting.But cream with cocoa butter makes the skin nice and soft!(if you don’t dare to eat it,just smear it on your arms and legs ;))) )

  2. Well, cocoa butter comes from cocoa, but it does not have the strong taste like chocolate. Cocoa itself is actually pretty healthy, it is the sugar, milk and other ingredients that make the chocolate less healthy (i.e. a chocolate milk bar only has 30% max of cocoa). But why don’t you try snacking on cocoa nibs, which is the pure cocoa bean (healthy, no sugar, and might give you your chocolate fix)?

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