Using hot chocolate milk mix to bake a cake?

Can I use hot chocolate milk powder instead of cocoa powder/chocolate to bake a cake?
I have a lot of chocolate milk mix and I'm in a mood to eat a delicious chocolate cake!

6 thoughts on “Using hot chocolate milk mix to bake a cake?

  1. Well… hot chocolate mix has also got lots of sugar in it already. You’d have to adjust the sugar in the recipe.

  2. Yes, you can do this. The hot chocolate mix already has sugar so you may have to adjust the sugar that you are putting into your cake. If you want a stronger chocolate flavor, just add more of the mix and nix the sugar a little bit.

    Good luck with your chocolate cake! I hope it turns out well!

  3. chocolate milk mix will be much less chocolaty in flavor than cocoa powder or chocolate you might melt to go into the cake.

    the amount of sugar in the chocolate milk mix will not be too much for cake as lately I see people trying to eliminate the “added sugar” to desserts then complaining that they taste like bread!

    Go ahead but it won’t be as chocolaty as it would be if you got cocoa or baking chocolate to make it with.

  4. i have used chocolate milk powder in my chocolate cakes for years, i dont adjust the sugar i just add 1 tablespoon of the chocolate powder to the flour, and i use brown sugar instead of caster sugar.
    everybody loves the taste, and i have never had any trouble using it

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