How to make low cal healthy hot coco?

So I've read things about using cocoa powder (unsweetened type I use for baking) on boiling water and adding whatever spices you want with. But that tastes horrible. I love dark chocolate, cinnamon and nutmeg, and hate the way a cup of milk is 80 cals. I tried alternating with 1/3 milk 2/3 water, still terrible. Any ideas?
Also tried adding vanilla extract.

What hot chocolate maker should I get?

I'm interested in buying a hot chocolate maker. My partner and I don't really drink tea or coffee (although he'll have the occasional cappuccino) but we love a hot chocolate. I've been looking at tassimo, nespresso and dulce gusto but the machines are all so expensive! I love the choice of chocolates tassimo have (Suchard, Milka, Cadbury and another I can't remember). Does anyone have any suggestions as to what machines are best for hot chocolates and at a reasonable price?

What exactly is cocoa butter?

So last summer i spent a lot of time with my cousins, and my cousin had this block of white oily stuff and she told me it was "coconut butter", she said it was for your skin. I tried it almost everyday and my skin was super soft, shiny and beautiful. The thing is I think she mixed up "coconut butter" with "cocoa butter", but I'm not sure since it smelled like coconuts. I'd like to use the same thing for this summer but I'm a little confused… thanks for any advice or tips 🙂